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1985 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

La Mesa may drop school fees   12/23/85

League of cities conference- the final standings   12/16/85

La Mesa, builder nail down agreement  12/11/85

Questions surround La Mesa Downtown development company   11/15/85

La Mesa budget includes safety projects   8/29/85

La Mesa will buy equipment -$450,000  8/28/85

La Mesa chooses developer to handle $17 million downtown job   8/20/85

New suit over nude health spa 8/16/85

Nude spa case will get hearing officer   7/24/85

La Mesa may extend motel ban   7/23/85

La Mesa postpones city office  remodeling decision   6/26/85

Newest, largest La Mesa park (Griffen) to open in June   5/2/85

La Mesa expects to fill budget-rate motel gap   5/1/85

Seniors committee formed, La Mesa agrees to assess needs   4/24/85

No fireworks for July 4th, says La Mesa- public safety, cost   3/27/85

La Mesa mayor’s rent plans opposed   3/26/84

La Mesa sets some goals   3/10/85

La Mesa building project advances   3/6/85

Nagel ‘enjoying every minute’ as mayor    2/19/85

La Mesa will dust off old commission2/6/85

Secret ballot process disputed-Ewin named to city council  1/8/85

Local Schools

GUHSD is bracing for a possible teachers’ strike   10/29/85

Travel bug nips school, city officials to bite off $1.75 million from taxpayers   6/17/85

Helix Water District

Water prices may be cut for first time since 1960   3/7/85

Grossmont Healthcare District

Other Agencies

Fire chiefs ask merger of districts   11/11/85

Lt. Gov McCarthy, mayors lobby to get East County trolley extension back on track   8/10/85

The best solution to traffic needs- Trolley?   4/12/85


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