"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

2004 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

Finances tight at Challenge Center 12/3/04

State denies funding for county libraries 12/1/04

La Mesa seeks 11 Million from State to fund library  11/14/04

Allan, Sterling retain La Mesa council seats 11/4/04

La Mesa, like El Cajon, steps up to combat teen smoking  7/22/04

La Mesa looks at vicious dog ordinance 6/27/04

La Mesa picks veteran firefighter to be chief    6/6/04

La Mesa council to continue invocations 5/14/04

Former mayor, councilman Fred Nagel Jr., 69   5/5/04

La Mesa capitulates in antenna suit 4/7/04

Fire chief retirement set for June   3/26/04

Mayor says ouster from board was politically motivated ploy 2/14/04

Fixing overcrowded agencies $25 million bond measure Prop D would aid La Mesa Fire, Police   2/12/04

Local School

Helix Water District

Helix Water Board, Buckner out, Muse in  11/5/04

Long view of Lake Jennings for Helix Water Board 9/3/04

Helix Water to prep for fluoride  9/2/04

Helix Water targets landowner candidacy rule 4/17/04

Grossmont Healthcare District

Other Agencies


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