"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

1990 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

Community Activist Lu-Gray Hill appointed to fill La Mesa council vacancy  12/19/90

Mayor Madrid wants to rescind Jackson Drive vote  12/13/90

Art Madrid takes helm in La Mesa today  12/4/90

Madrid wins for La Mesa mayor   11/7/90

Mayoral candidates split on crime, Plaza project   11/2/90

Five vying for La Mesa council10/25/90

Madrid kicks off mayoral push in La Mesa, highlights crime, raps Senechal  8/23/90

Mayor race heats up  8/13/1990

La Mesa council sets out to erase graffiti   7/12/90

La Mesa approves raise in trash-pickup charges   6/28/90

La Mesa adds 5 police officers in budget plan   5/31/90

La Mesa offers Wear permanent city manager job4/25/90

La Mesa city manager ousted into consultant role   4/5/90

La Mesa Mayor assails councilman’s behavior toward colleagues  3/30/90

Local Schools

Helix science teacher accused in Wyoming drug case   6/6/90

Helix Water District

4 water districts ease restrictions   10/5/90

Saving of water is pledged by 3 cities in Helix district   5/2/90

Water managers back 10% cut in use here   4/14/90

Grossmont Healthcare District

Other Agencies


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