"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

2000 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

Knepper named to La Mesa city council  12/21/00

Visitors bureau gets money, but also earful from La Mesa mayor  8/10/00

La Mesa, El Cajon play hardball over park partnership  8/8/00

More cops at car show-Drunkeness & Littering are concern 6/29/00

Prop 22 fails to deal with issues that directly impact the city says mayor.  2/4/00

Local Schools


Helix Water District

Helix Water candidates focus on water rates, purity  10/26/00

Grossmont Healthcare District


Other Agencies

Supervisors Jacob, Slater fend off challengers Madrid, Dodson 3/8/00

Madrid, Hammerstrand, McCarthy seek to block Jacob’s re-election bid  2/27/00

Jacob likely to miss 2 debates with Madrid, others1/7/00


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