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1991 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

La Mesa to fight ruling against cross on insignia  12/20/91

La Mesa mayor picked for panel  12/17/91

La Mesa Council tightens non-smoking rules  9/25/91

Alm to fill vacant La Mesa council seat  8/1/91

Vice mayor of La Mesa quits for health reasons  7/11/91

La Mesa city budget just holds line  6/6/91

Three panels to help La Mesa council  5/29/91

34 year old Carlson will be new La Mesa fire chief   3/7/91

Mayor assures citizens city will cooperate to protect wildlife  2/27/91

No involvement in foreign policy says La Mesa mayor 2/13/91

Nagel throws La Mesa park seat to Santee  1/9/91

La Mesa Mayor to continue anti-crime campaign  1/9/91

Local Schools

Colleges’ dilemma- student overload    8/26/91

Colleges to weather cuts well   8/19/91

College fine business for E. County  5/21/91

Helix Water District

Helix Water District will raise rates 16% to offset declining revenues   5/3/91

Helix Water District modifies formula for basing allocations  3/29/91

Grossmont Healthcare District

Grossmont Hospital, Sharp nearing decision on merger   2/25/91

Other agencies


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