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Its’ ‘Freakin’ Immoral

Its’ immoral, cowardly, and just plain wrong for us to “resolve” today’s’ budget issues by passing them on to future generations. Doing so is every bit as much “taxation without … Continue reading

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Holding the Bag-Pensions

             Our first two “Holding the Bag” articles put the spotlight on a common yet irresponsible financial management practice – making promises to public sector employees to pay for … Continue reading

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Holding the Bag – There’s More

Last week we pointed out that the La Mesa Spring Valley School District has an unfunded liability for retiree health care of almost $24,000,000. That amount of money should have … Continue reading

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Who Is Left Holding LMSV $24 Million Bag?

The La Mesa Citizen Oversight Group strongly advocates that public sector governing bodies practice sound financial management. Among other things that means paying for current services with current revenues. It … Continue reading

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Madrid tops SANDAG payments list with $45,650.00

We decided to follow the lead of the Mayor from a few council meetings ago in reporting on the payments of another elected official by MTS. SANDAG, the San Diego … Continue reading

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La Mesa Mayor’s FOIA request on Foe

PRA Art Madrid – Ernest Ewin Stipends[1] La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid made a Freedom of Information Act request on Council member Ernie Ewin using city letterhead. Of course any … Continue reading

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A Challenge to the La Mesa City Council to save $3-4 Million!

Mayor Madrid and Council members: You may have read an article in the U/T a month or two ago about a program the city of Escondido implemented to reduce the … Continue reading

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