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1988 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

Toxic-gas manufacturer plans move to Arizona   12/20/88

Note pins gas pollution in La Mesa on forestry   11/24/88

La Mesa hires specialized law firm to handle pollution cleanup claims   11/11/88

La Mesa City Council OKs measure aimed at toxic-gas manufacturer 11/10/88

La Mesans re-elect 2 council members   11/10/88

Progress seen for delayed La Mesa project   10/28/88

La Mesa, 3 candidates joust, but only 2 will win   10/27/88

Redevelopment project gets final OK in La Mesa  10/12/88

Contamination cleanup- La Mesa outlook murky   9/29/88

La Mesa chooses new city manager   8/25/88

La Mesa shelves mayor’s bid to study takeover of electric, TV cable utilities   7/14/88

La Mesa faces new tests for underground oil leak 6/29/88

Navy offered 192 acres in La Mesa   6/22/88

La Mesa wants three other agencies to share cost of Griffen Park upkeep   6/16/88

Amphitheater in works for Harry Griffen Park   6/9/88

Contamination study will delay La Mesa project 5/26/88

La Mesa hunts for new city manager via videotape   4/13/88

Long-delayed La Mesa Village Plaza granted final approval by city council   3/30/88

La Mesa to keep all-white police cars   3/25/88

La Mesa city manager takes Oceanside post 3/24/88

Developer tells of loan commitment, Says funding set for La Mesa Village Plaza    2/25/88

Mayor points to La Mesa with pride   2/10/88

Trio of mayors state opposition to jail plan  1/23/88

La Mesa OKs study on future of downtown   1/15/88

Local Schools


Helix Water District

Helix Water District adopts water-use plan  5/27/88

Helix Water District backs prosecution of water wasters   5/26/88

Water agencies to begin ad campaign warning of lead contamination, risks   5/7/88

Helix Water Dist. rates to increase 5% to 8.5% more in 4 communities   4/28/88

Water agencies brace for crisis   4/12/88

Water bills may go up 7% in Helix District    4/6/88

Grossmont Healthcare District

Other Agencies






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