"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

The Ballot

The La Mesa Citizen Oversight Group is not anti-Government. Indeed, to paraphrase our 1st President George Washington,

“We recognize that government cannot secure all rights of individual sovereignty and yet provide for basic common interest and safety. Individuals in a society must give up a small measure of the former to preserve the latter. It is at all times difficult to draw with precision the line between those rights which must be surrendered and those which may be reserved “. 

Just as in President Washington’s day, our ongoing task is no less difficult. Citizens have the privilege and duty of electing office holders and influencing public policy. Participation in the political process affects our communities and nation today and in the future. Everyday people serving the public for a time or season and then returning to private life has been the bulwark of our republican government for over 200 years. And because we, like Thomas Jefferson, are concerned about “every danger which might arise to American freedom by continuing too long in office”, a rotation of elected officials is desirable.

We encourage citizens to seek out and then uphold leaders who will act with integrity and are wise, good, honest, and not easily swayed by the winds of political or social fad. We strongly support principles compatible with our nations founding documents, which may be found in the various political parties.

Therefore, while we may provide a listing of our views and positions for informational purposes, we urge you to register to vote, to study the issues and candidates carefully and then to vote for and actively support those you believe will most nearly carry out your ideas of proper government.

The La Mesa Citizen Oversight Group affirms its constitutional right of expression on political and social issues.

Ballot Positions/Legislative issue

  = Acceptable          = Neutral         = Not Acceptable

Candidates for office

 = Acceptable

*Disclaimer-The La Mesa Citizens Oversight Group neither accepts funds from nor provides financial support to candidates for office or political groups or campaigns. Campaigning being what it is, and candidates for office having a history of saying one thing while seeking office and at times doing another once elected to office, we reserve the right to criticize tomorrow whom or what we find acceptable today!

2012 November


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