"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

1997 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

La Mesa’s fire chief resigns after 6 years   12/16/97

White supremacist sentenced to public work detail and 3 years’ probation    12/3/97

Padres will give $25,000 to La Mesa library fund   11/27/97

Police target hate group over racist fliers in La Mesa  8/22/97

La Mesa first to OK taping of patrol car stops   3/12/97

La Mesa will seek a new city attorney  2/14/97

La Mesa mayor assails racist leaflets spread in his neighborhood   1/23/97

Local Schools

GUHSD shake-up is shaking up area  6/26/97

Helix Water District

Helix Water tank paint job put at $400,000   7/29/97

Switch will give Helix water pipes longer life    6/24/97

Grossmont Healthcare District


Other Agencies

Taxpayer association opposes sales tax increase for libraries   11/25/97

Keep the Padres and build a ballpark- Art Madrid and George Mitrovich    10/17/97





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