"Your local advocates promoting open, accountable, cost-effective, efficient government, and protecting citizens from unnecessary taxes, fees, regulations, and policies."

We’d like to see…

  • …the La Mesa City Council eliminate the unwarranted perk of  lifetime health benefits for themselves by virtue of serving two or more terms in this part-time position.
  • …term limits for the La Mesa elected officials with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms between the council and mayors office.
  • …the City of La Mesa City Council revise their AB1234 expense policy to require a written advisement presented publicly before taxpayer-funded travel explaining the intended purpose, expected result(s) and whether the travel is the only or most cost-effective method to achieve the goal. And afterward provide a detailed written report for the record on what was actually accomplished and measures endorsed that carry the name of the City of La Mesa.
  • …that since public sector employee’s want higher pay equal to the private sector it is only fair going forward that their benefits and pension structure also be equal to the private sector. Only defined contribution plans based on what the employer (taxpayers) can afford and no more special civil service or public employee union job protection schemes.
  • …the City of La Mesa provide substantive cost/benefit analysis with ample time for public review and input prior to spending taxpayer funds for all expenses, and in particular for those purposes not vital core functions of the city.
  • …the La Mesa City Council consistently include an ” is it Germain to the operation of the City” discussion when reviewing requests for endorsing resolutions and policy statements from groups within and from without the City.
  • …the La Mesa City council be required to take all negotiated employee association or union contracts to the public for approval at the next regular election cycle wherein at least two elected official positions are on the ballot. Since employee representatives must obtain the approval of the employees they represent, it is only fair the elected officials obtain the approval of the taxpayers they represent.

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