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2003 Media Archives

City of La Mesa

El Cajon, La Mesa settle spat over park’s costs  12/12/03

La Mesa $25 Million bond issue may go before voters 11/21/03

3rd city balks at joining fire consolidation study   10/25/03

Funding woes could close Griffin Park  9/17/03

La Mesa says no to antenna for cell phones in residential area   8/28/03

New La Mesa commissioner Alessio contributed to 3 who voted for her  8/14/03

La Mesa City Council keeps same $140K salary for new city manager  7/24/03

La Mesa may pull out of Harry Griffin Park deal 7/9/03

La Mesa chooses new city manager- Sandy Kerl  6/28/03

Explosives rules altered for La Mesa  6/26/03

La Mesa responds to high cost of benefits, state cuts -Uses Reserves  6/12/03

La Mesa may use bond to upgrade buildings  5/24/03

La Mesa cracks down on providers of alcohol   5/22/03

City Leaders predict layoffs and cuts  5/3/03

Some cities embrace, others reject conversion process  4/20/03

La Mesa rejects red-light camera proposal2/28/03

La Mesa council OKs ban on street-race spectators   2/13/03

La Mesa’s slumping finances   2/13/03

Campaign spending reaches all-time high  02/7/03

City manager to retire in May   1/10/03

Local Schools

School board’s rookie member Baber acts like veteran   9/4/03

School construction stays on fast track   8/6/03

Budget delay poses problems for schools, unpresedented cits!    7/6/03

Panel to study finances of Grossmont Union district   3/5/03

Community colleges cancel courses over state budget woes    2/4/03

Helix Water District

Helix Water district threatens to sue La Mesa, El Cajon in park spat 10/22/03

Grossmont Healthcare

Other Agencies


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