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Thank You Dave Allan

As a member of the La mesa blogging public I  would like to thank Dave Alan for his recognition during his opening statement at last nights City  Council meeting.

It is good to know that using the internet to pose questions and add opposing opinion to our local government is actually being read at City Hall in real time.

In the past it was frustrating for the average Citizen to get the attention of a Council member. If there was an issue important enough to merit the time, one would have the choice of meeting  with his Councilman individually, appearing  at a Council meeting, or writing a letter to the editor.

The days of waiting a week to have ones letter to the editor published ,or to appear at a meeting are over.

This new ability to redress our government has now enabled our right of redress to Citizens who wish to do so, and evidently Mr. Alan doesn’t like it.

Is the fact that he is ending his term the reason he is the one individual member to voice his displeasure at Citizens shining the sanitizing light of freedom on the Council?

Mr. Allan’s challenge to the “people who have all the answers” to run for office, sounded like a pathetic child on the playground.

I know people who would love to run for City Council, including myself, but we spend our private sector lives running businesses, surprisingly to some, it is not a nine to five job.  We do not have the luxury of flexible and amenable schedules as do retired government employees. We do not have lifetime guaranteed paychecks. We are trying to earn as much as we can, as fast as we can, to gain back the 50% we lost on our meager by government standards retirement plans, so that we don’t have to work until we die. Again, surprisingly to some, it takes up most of my time.

But this problem is far from Mr. Alan’s scope of knowledge because of the taxes we are working to pay that provides him that luxury.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”  H.S.Truman

Kevin George


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